On Boyfriends and Finding Motivation to Write

It’s 2 am again on another Saturday, and you have not written again. You have been asking about how to improve your writing, but you haven’t been trying. 

The weather is a bit cold this morning, and as you remember, you have today as the deadline to register a minimum of 2k words.  That was your plan when the week started, and now it seemed you won’t make it till another week rolls in. 

You shift on the bed and say, there is more time; it’s just 2 am. So, you return to bed. How cozy your mattress feels, especially when you return to sleep! How easy it is to sleep off in a few seconds. It is sweeter this time; unlike last night, this is the second round of sleep, and it seems like getting an extra gift. In fact, you dream of beautiful places like Oregon.

When you wake up again, you see the paper and pen on your table. And on the wall, you wrote here are three ways on how to improve my writing. 

  • Write 
  • Read 
  • Write 
  • Read 
  • Write 

Reading and writing are what you need to do, but there is always little time for all of that.

Then your phone rings, and you stretch, pushing the blankets off. You walk to the table to answer the phone. 

The caller is your boyfriend. Since it is the weekend, he is asking if you will be chanced to hang out. 

“I will be having a lot of time for us today. We will stop at Mcdonalds. I’m thinking of going to see a movie, and we will go clubbing in the evening,” he says. 

“Wow,” you scream. 

“What do you say?” he asks. 

This rarely happens as you remember your boyfriend is usually busy. If you miss this chance, there might be no other one till thy Lord’s kingdom comes. So you answer the will of your playful side. 

“Yes, yes, I will be waiting.” 

“Alright, I will come to get you at 11 am.” 

“11 am, great!” 

“Please wear something nice,” he says. 

Then he ends the call. 

You put the phone down and check the time. 

Now there are a couple of problems. 

  1. You don’t know what to wear. 
  2. The time is 7:30 am already. 
  3. You are hungry 

One of your cravings is to overcome your writer’s block for the past month.


You are hungry. 

And you can’t write on an empty stomach. 

You head to the kitchen to prepare some food. By the time you finish eating the spaghetti and sauce, it’s 8:30 am. 

You freshen up for 30 minutes. Now you have two hours before your boyfriend arrives. Damn! 

You need to learn how to improve your writing for real, or you will have to call on people to help. 

So you sit down to write. Sadly, the thoughts that keep coming to your head are, what should I wear? I don’t have a perfect orange dress; my pinks are dirty or tight

You leave the writing desk and head over to your wardrobe. By the time you choose a white dress, it’s 10:30. 

Your phone rings as you lay the dress on the bed. Your best friend is on the line. She’s got gist—lots of gists. You guys begin to talk, and you talk and talk some more.

The sound of the doorbell stops your conversation with her. 

Holy moly! Your boyfriend has arrived 5 minutes after 11. You are yet to dress for the outing. 

Goodbye to writing this weekend. Maybe another day. Or perhaps someone will do it for you.


So much love, Hadeh. 

If you want more of this kind of story, kindly share it with your friends. 5 shares will be enough. 

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